Benefits of a Massage Gun?

How does a massage gun work?

Exactly like a normal massage the Klevagym massage therapy gun reduces inflammation by flushing the venous blood (blood where oxygen has been used up) out of the muscle and back into the circulatory system.  This action improves blood flow, relaxes tightened muscles and reduces muscle soreness and tension.


Who can use a massage gun?

Anyone can use a massage gun regardless of age or physical fitness, the key factor is to use it sensibly so it assists you without causing any additional issues. 

What can I use massage guns for?

You can use massage guns in general everyday life and also to treat muscle tiredness and muscle fatigue.  You can also use massage guns to help you recover quickly after an intense workout or to treat medical conditions.

Who shouldn’t use a massage gun?

For most people it is safe to use a massage gun.  If at all you feel pain whilst using a massage gun then you should stop immediately.  If you have any underlying health conditions that you believe will be worsened by using a massage gun, then always get medical advice first.  If you are recovering from surgery, have been injured or have been involved in an accident then do not use a massage gun.

What does amplitude mean?

Amplitude is simply how far the massage gun head travels in one stroke or movement whilst you are using it.  The Klevagym massage theragun has been designed by specialists and has the right amplitude to ensure your treatment is effective but not damaging to the muscle.

Whats does stall force mean?

Stall force is the amount of force or pressure you need to apply to stop the head from working.  The Klevagym massage theragun is designed so you can work the bigger muscles in your body without the gun stopping.

When can I use a massage gun?

You can use a massage gun at any time of the day to refresh your muscles and get the blood circulating around the body.  You can use it at your desk at work, after a workout in the gym or in the comfort of your home when you get back after a long day at work.


Why is the Klevagym massage gun better than others?

The Klevagym massage gun has a unique design that allows you to grip the gun using lots of different hand positions. This is very important as other massage guns like recovapro massage gun, theragun massage gun and hypervolt massage gun have right angle or 90 degrees designs which means you cannot grip the gun with comfort. Also the Klevagym massage Theragun comes with seven heads whereas others come with less. The Klevagym massage therapy gun has a long battery life and a full 2 years warranty.

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